Wild is a new national journalism and broadcasting service devoted exclusively to the story of rural life.

Our mission is to give a voice to Britain’s biggest minority – the people who live and work in the British countryside and the millions more who visit wild places for fun, space and inspiration.

We will use the power of digital media to tell the real story of rural Britain, giving country lovers a stronger sense of community worth and a greater voice in national life.

 Wild will use whatever tools we have to tell a story. That means video reports, documentaries, reportage, podcasts, live blogs, great photography and challenging journalism updated daily and available on our site.

 We believe in journalism is a force for good. We can tell stories for a better world. So we practise Slow Journalism and Solutions Storytelling.

 Wild is interested in how rural life works; how communities and landscapes thrive. Our stories will focus on potential solutions to problems rather than how things break down.

 When we say our mission is to give a voice to Britain’s biggest minority, we mean that literally. Wherever possible, we will encourage country people to tell their own story in their own words.

 Our journalists are independent, non-partisan and expert in the best tradition of British public service broadcasting.

 Wild’s founders are trained in national television, newspapers and digital journalism. They also live in the British countryside and have a personal family stake in a better future for wild places.

 For us, rural life is not just a big story in times of crisis and catastrophe.

 It’s the only story…all of the time.

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